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CEO and creative director.

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Speaker. Trainer. Brand Strategist.

Wendy is a brand visionary. She believes that in order to achieve consistent business success and goals, the business must be in alignment with their distinct brand strategy. And, that business branding dictates and drives all business efforts from programs, products, services and marketing to culture, people and client interaction. Wendy has a Master’s degree in branding and product packaging design and more than 15 years teaching college level design. She has a passion for packaging design and clever branding and has worked with some of the world’s leading brands such as MTV networks, Nickelodeon, RCA records, Bad Boy Entertainment, Allure Magazine, Rockefeller Center, P Diddy, and more.

She is an accomplished stage speaker and enjoys presenting at business and industry related events. Her priority is to catapult experts, small businesses, and corporations to success by building trust, relevancy, and credibility. She believes that everyone has the potential to operate at 110%, but that most settle for around 70%, because risk taking and change making forces them out of their comfort zone. Her clients boast their new found ability to see unlimited potential, and abundant possibilities for themselves, and their businesses.

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How to make a powerful business impact in 7 seconds or less—my signature talk

This talk is lively and interactive. Wendy shares industry secrets and implementable strategies to help business owners make an impactful first impression in 7 seconds or less. She’ll discuss specific methodology to help reposition a struggling brand and ways to grow and scale small business success consistently with high-quality, relevant branding.

Branding an outlaw: the future of cannabis branding

This fun and powerful talk explores brand archetyping and the explosion of the cannabis industry in the commercial market. Wendy shares applicable implementable info and strategies to help small business owners grow and scale a profitable business brand, so that they can stand shoulder to shoulder with industry leaders, attract a loyal customer following, and make more money! 

Three expensive branding mistakes you never want to make

This presentation offers a step-by-step process to help small business owners’ level-up, stay in the game, and compete effectively simply by branding or rebranding their business. Wendy offers quick-fix strategies that reposition the business brand, and maximize brand voice and messaging to increase sales, conversions, and profits. 

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