“One flavor does not fit all”

and our creative diversity guarantees innovative solutions to all your branding and marketing needs!


The “Wendy and Sara Show” has a long history of business success, each in our own entrepreneurial space, and even better together! From the very first coffee shop meeting, we were finishing each other’s sentences and caught up in the same vision for what could be in business partnership.

BARRCODE Branding is the perfect fit for our individual talents to blend into something more than amazing!

WENDY BARR | Chief Goofball in Charge

Wendy Barr comes to the table with a tremendous amount of practical experience and boasts an impressive resume. Using her MS from Pratt Institute, she has designed for clients like: 

  • Circus-Circus / Luxor / Riviera Casinos
  • Merck Pharmaceuticals / Everlast Worldwide
  • MTV / Nickelodeon / People Magazine
  • RCA / Jive Records / Bad Boy Entertainment
  • Just to name a few… Wassssup Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Brother Love?!?

Later, Wendy put her master’s degree to work as a college professor with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division, until her entrepreneurial side stirred her to journey out once again.

Wendy has a unique ability to attract greatness and to motivate others. She operates from her heart and invests deeply in her clients. She is determined to change the world, one brand at a time…

SARA DAVENPORT | All That and Then Some

Sara started her career in Broadcast/Communications, working in radio for several years – as an On-Air personality, Promotions Director, and Assistant Operations Manager. Adding Behavioral Studies to her resume only increased her advertising and copywriting knowledge. 

Throw in a deep interest in the health and wellness industry and, voila, a book was born! This successfully launched Sara into the Authorship and Editing world, where she assisted multiple clients in completing the written work of their dreams.

Sara’s strongest desire is to help others create unforgettable stories – to communicate their passion with such clarity it can’t be ignored – and to help each person she meets connect with their own unique genius so completely as to make them irresistible to the world!


More is always better! Wendy and Sara collaborate with some of the most brilliant minds in the areas of Graphic Design, Technology, Business Development, and Online Marketing. Creating powerful brands with such innovative talent is both an honor and a pleasure! We love working together and can’t wait to start working with you!


Truth is, branding is not about hyperbole. Today’s marketplace is too savvy for that. Your best message is one that comes from the heart of who you are – what makes you leap out of bed every morning, ready to change the world for the better!

We understand that competition is fierce, and your brand needs to stand strong 24/7. We are masters at helping you reveal to the world your authentic self – your inspiring individuality – the brand that confidently claims, “I’m DEFINITELY MORE THAN VANILLA!”


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