BARRCODE Branding started as a small spark when Wendy Barr, the Founder, decided to venture out and share her acquired knowledge with the world.

Then it turned into a raging fire when BCB started attracting talent and brilliance from the untapped, diverse resources at their fingertips.

Our Story

BARRCODE Branding started as a small spark when Wendy Barr, the Founder, decided to venture out and share her acquired knowledge with the world. This spark quickly turned into a flame when Sara Davenport came on board. Then into a raging fire when BARRCODE started attracting talent and brilliance from the untapped, diverse resources at their fingertips.

We are an eclectic team of experts with backgrounds in design, behavioral sciences, communications, technology, and more. We operate remotely from various corners of the map. Even our office mascot, Marley, is a rescue dog from a remote part of New Mexico. “One size does not fit all” and our creative diversity offers deep insights on multiple levels linked by one focused vision – Unique Brand Identity.

Wendy & Sara

The Spark

Wendy Barr comes to the table with a tremendous amount of practical experience and boasts an impressive resume. She obtained her BA in Art Education from Metropolitan State College and then proceeded to New York City to get her MS in Packaging Design and Branding from Pratt Institute. She started a company called Double U Be & Associates that specialized in graphic design, promotional products and giveaways, and retail packaging. Her clients included:

  • Merck Pharmaceuticals
  • MTV, Nickelodeon
  • Everlast Worldwide
  • Riviera
  • Luxor
  • Circus Circus Casinos
  • People Magazine
  • RCA
  • Jive Records
  • Bad Boy Entertainment
  • Just to name a few… Wassssup Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Brother Love!?

Later, Wendy put her Master’s degree to work and became a college professor, teaching within the Graphic and Digital Design department at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division. With her finger on the pulse of tomorrow’s Thought Leaders, working side by side with some of the most talented professors and designers for more than 17 years, she decided that it was time to go out on her own. Wendy has a unique ability to attract greatness and to motivate others. She cares and operates from her heart. She is determined to change the world, one brand at a time…

The Flame

When Wendy made the phone call to Sara to explain her brilliant vision, it took Sara less than one sentence to reply, “I’m in!” This isn’t the first time Wendy and Sara have merged their talents into a successful business, however, this is undeniably the best fit for their collective skill-sets.

Sara started her career in Broadcast/Communications, working in radio for several years – as an On-Air personality, Promotions Director, and Assistant Operations Manager. Adding Behavioral Studies to her resume only increased her advertising and copywriting knowledge. Throw in a deep interest in the health and wellness industry and, voila, a book was born! This successfully launched Sara into the Authorship and Editing world, where she assisted multiple clients in creating the written work of their dreams.

Sara’s greatest desire is to help others create unforgettable stories – to communicate their passion with such clarity it can’t be ignored – and to help each person she meets connect with their own unique greatness so completely as to make them irresistible to the world!


The Raging Fire

It’s been said that there’s a special charisma created by Wendy and Sara and it seems this venture is no different in its attraction.  The minute BARRCODE opened for business, the requests started pouring in from Graphic Designers, Educators, Friends, and Previous Business Connections. The requests came from many places and many people, but the desire was singular in focus – “Please fit me into this amazing opportunity!”

BARRCODE Branding is filled with the cream-of-the-crop! These are top innovators in their respective fields of design, education, coaching, and more.  We love working together and can’t wait to start working with you!

The Warm Fuzzies

“It’s a jungle out there” and your brand needs to stand strong 24/7. Never Fear, BARRCODE Branding is here! We understand that competition is fierce and consumers take no prisoners. We also know the secret to soothing the savage beast (cue “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” – a wimoweh, a wimoweh)

Truth is, branding is not about hyperbole. Today’s marketplace is too savvy for that. Truth is, your best message is one that comes from the heart of who you are – what makes you leap out of bed every morning, ready to change the world for the better!

And, we are masters at helping you reveal to the world your authentic self – your inspiring individuality – the brand that confidently claims, “It may be a jungle out there, but I am THE KING!”

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