Discover / Design / Develop / Deliver
We employ a well-oiled process that includes four distinct phases. Each Phase brings its own value, and the process is only complete when all the pieces come together in blissful harmony.


We collect data on you and your company that you didn’t even know you had! Why? Because we connect with people every day that have brilliant business ideas, literal goldmines, but are still struggling with branding basics… And, the truth is that it doesn’t really matter what you know about what you do, it matters what the world understands about what you do.

Your Marketplace. This is where business transactions take place and money moves from your client’s hand into yours. You need to know what that looks like right now. Our “Jump Start Your Brand” LIVE Intensive will help you to identify the key elements of how you look in the eyes of your target audience.
Your Position. You need to know your competition and how you stack up against it. Why do your clients seek you out above all the other choices presented to them? And, if they aren’t currently, how can you turn their heads in your direction?
Your Brand Goals. Simply put, we evaluate together what is working and what is not…


This part of the process is like a well-choreographed dance between you and the Graphic Design team. It includes an investment of a minimum of 80 hours of BCB elite expertise, unfolding over the course of 8-12 weeks. Add to that a healthy dose of creative juices and resource strategies to keep everything flowing along in a smooth rhythm.

Your Identity. Using the insights from our Discover Phase, we are now able to gather important pieces and parts into one central vision. This becomes the platform on which to build your image.
Your Image. A picture is worth a thousand words…” It’s time to design the visual representation of your business brand. A well-designed logo is the fastest way to stay relevant in the mind of your target audience. Our expert designers are hand-picked to match your specific needs and desires and you work closely with them to create the image of your business dreams.


And you thought we were finished! A brand is more than just a pretty picture and this is where the real business “rubber meets the road”. You have the ability to make your professional message multidimensional, assuring a solid response from your audience that recognizes your business “face” in the crowded room of competition.

Your Message. An effective business brand uses consistent visuals, typography, copywriting, and more to keep your message clear in the marketplace and distinct from your competitors. We help you decide the best course of action to achieve your business goals through the development of your brand profile.
Your Bling. Once you have the basics all lined up, it’s time to stand apart! We offer multiple ways for your unique business to creatively shine! This is accomplished with a collection of Add-on packages that highlight your best features and establish powerful touchpoints with your existing, and target, clientele.


We have certainly been through a lot together! The laughter, the tears, the revelations and “ah-ha” moments… It’s been a remarkable journey with amazing results! It’s hard to remember where we started and just how far we’ve come! So, let’s be sure to keep all the memories close to the heart, shall we?!?

Your Story. Throughout the whole process, we’ve been keeping lists, notes, videos, and step-by-steps. Now that you’re nearing the end, we’d like to give them to you, all wrapped up in a pretty package! We will spend quality time taking you through the experience and highlighting the best takeaways. You will receive all of your assets and some extra insights, just because that’s the way we roll… We don’t want you to miss a thing!


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