“Inspiring!” “Incredibly Content Rich!” “Completely New Point of View!”
…and YES, they have been known to finish each other’s sentences…



Wendy & Sara know exactly how to empower and transform an audience, bringing together a long list of credentials including Master’s Degrees in Design, Radio Broadcasting, Marketing Psychology, Teaching, Corporate Training, Authorship, Business Development, and the list goes on…

Our Speaking Topics

  • Level Up Your Business Impact in 7 Seconds or Less… 
  • 3 Expensive Branding Mistakes You Never Want to Make!
  • The Three C’s of Branding
  • Brand Archetypes – “Your Secret Sauce for Success!”
  • “Don’t Step on My Toes!” – The Branding vs. Marketing Dance


The Perfect Fit

BARRCODE Branding is the ideal platform to maximize the variety of skills and talents these ladies share, which provides all the support their clients need to achieve greater success in the business world.

WENDY BARR | CEO & Creative Director

Wendy has an MS degree in Branding & Design plus more than 15 years teaching branding and corporate identity at the college level. She started BARRCODE Branding out of a passion to serve innovative business owners that are highly motivated to succeed. The company operates on an international level and focuses on bringing Big Business Brand Strategy and Design to small and mid-sized businesses so that they can attract their Ideal Client with ease and MAKE MORE MONEY!

Wendy's Speaking Topics

  • Making your business impact in 7 seconds or less… My Signature Talk
  • Branding an Outlaw and 5 tips to discovering your brand archetype
  • Making your brand strategy into a Powerhouse of Profitability!

SARA DAVENPORT | COO & Project Coordinator

Sara started her career in Radio Broadcast/Communications – working both behind the scenes and as an On-Air Personality. Then onto Speaking/Training/Coaching and Authorship. Now it all comes together at BARRCODE Branding as Sara helps others “make a lasting name” for themselves in the business world.

Sara's Speaking Topics

  • “Wanna Buy My Stuff?” How to Attract Your Ideal Client with Ease
  • “Don’t Step on My Toes!” – The Branding vs. Marketing Dance
  • Brand Archetypes – Your “Secret Sauce for Success!”
  • The THREE C’s of Branding!


Wendy and Sara make a great team! Together, they create impact and a memorable addition to any event!

They are also available separately with or without a script.

Please submit your contact information and we will reach out to connect for more details on how we can help you!


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