our passion is your success.

what we do

Immersive, collaborative, & focused brand, positioning & brand strategy

We’ll find out where you’ve been, meet you where you’re at and help you get where you’re going with innovative strategies that connects you with your target market and builds unforgettable brand awareness.

who we help

Working with brands at every stage of their journey.

We work with CEO’s, founders, and leaders, who understand the value of building a business from the brand up. They are fueled by the power of innovation and creativity and are committed to building a vibrational brand culture that impacts in the world. You are a unicorn and we are looking for you…

our process

01 Private 1:1 Brand Strategy
We begin EVERY project with our immersive, collaborative brand discovery process. This is where the magic happens. We'll help you build a HUMAN BRAND that connects with your ideal client on an emotional level.
02 Brand Design & Development
When you're ready, our creative team of designers will go to work on your logo and visual identity system. We create mood boards, concept sketches, and multiple design solutions to bring your brand identity to life.
03 Brand Consult Call
Not sure? Why not schedule a call? This 1:1 laser focused, brand consult call promises rapid results and immediate solutions that you can implement yourself to boost your business profits. We are experts at helping you bring your brilliant brand to life!
Download your complimentary VALUE PROPOSITION WORKBOOK! Your value proposition statement or elevator pitch is often the first thing a prospective client encounters when exploring your brand. It explains your unique distinctions, the value you offer and the solutions you provide quickly and succinctly. Boom, they choose YOU!

Your on-going business success is what drives us here at Barrcode Branding.

We help you implement, roll-out, test and continue to strategize new ways of connecting with the world around you.

You had me at hello...

Are you building a HUMAN BRAND? We love your ambition! We’re always available to jump on a call to discuss what your goals are and how we can add value.

Let’s get started, there are people out there waiting for you!