Our Profit Booster Brand Assessment is a unique, proprietary process.

We’ll help you Explore your BRAND IDENTITY and WHO you are in the marketplace!


Our Profit-Booster is a detailed exploration of your BRAND IDENTITY and it’s going to show you exactly Who you are and How to effectively position your brand so that you can Attract your Ideal Client and MAKE MORE MONEY! You receive this $197 value packed gift so that you can move forward with Confidence, Clarity, and BRANDING POWER! Special Price $1 at checkout – Use Coupon Code: PROFITBOOST


First, we will explore your Brand Identity and basic Business Foundation, as it relates to your Target Market, Competition, Industry Considerations, Marketing Efforts, your Business Voice, and MORE!


Next, we will work through what is and isn’t working for you and discuss effective branding and marketing strategies that will catapult your business to new levels of success!


We will send you away with Tools, Ideas, Gifts and Special Offers to help you change the perception your brand has in the marketplace from “invisible” to “VISIBLE-POPULAR-PROFITABLE”! 


  • You are READY to take an HONEST look at how you want your message to be received by your audience and how it will affect the bottom line of your business success.
  • You need simple guidelines to assess your current branding in all of its forms.
  • You need access to brand experts that will objectively assess your tangible design assets (think logo, business cards, web design, flyers, social media presence and more) so that you can present like the SUPERSTAR you are!
  • You have brilliant business ideas but you just can’t seem to get noticed...
  • You have a marketable product/service and you need a clear Action Plan to build a solid brand for your business...
  • You are serious about building your business brand, there is no Plan B and failure is not an option for you...
  • You know your content better than anyone, but you need practical help with your branded presentations...
  • You know you need a better digital marketing strategy with a clear message and Call-to-Action...
  • You are creating brilliant classes, programs, and services, but without a cohesive, comprehensive business brand...
  • You are an established business, ready to scale up, and need a business brand refresh strategy and action plan...
  • You know you are READY for MORE! You want to connect with the RIGHT TEAM to SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS DREAMS and GOALS!



Say “YES” to POWERFUL Branding TODAY for just $1!

As our GIFT to you, we’d like to offer you our “Profit Booster Brand Assessment” (PBBA = $197 value) for ONLY $1. BARRCODE Branding’s PBBA is a unique, proprietary process. First, we will help you Explore your BRAND IDENTITY and show you the value of RELEVANT, COMPELLING, and CONSISTENT Branding. Then, we will Assess exactly Who you are in the marketplace and How to effectively position your brand so that you can Compete with your Industry Leaders, Attract your Ideal Client, and MAKE MORE MONEY!!

$197 worth of AWESOME, yours for just $1!