Get ready to take your business BRAND to the next level!

We’ll help you build a powerful brand for your small business!


Our BUSINESS MASTERY PROGRAM is written and taught by actual educators! BARRCODE Branding’s team of experts include degreed and certified teachers and trainers, with expertise in Business Development, Graphic Design, Marketing Psychology, Human Behavior, and MORE! We teach from experience and with compassion to help you understand more about how to build a powerful brand for your own small business! BCB UNIVERSITY will move you step-by-step through the necessary building blocks of creating a solid business foundation with powerful branding!



START, GROW &/OR SCALE YOUR BUSINESS with the skills you need for long term success!

  • INSTRUCTORS: Wendy Barr & Sara Davenport
  • FORMAT: Videos, Workbooks, Resources & MORE!
  • LENGTH: 8.4 Hours ++ complete flexibility
  • ACCESS: Lifetime
  • TOPICS: Business Foundation, Branding, Sales, Marketing, Targeting, Industry Position, Content Creation, Strategy
  • BRAND ASSESSMENT: 1:1 Strategic Brand Audit Consultation
  • SPECIAL OFFERS & Branding Programs!!


Our BRAND MASTERY PROGRAM includes our proprietary Business Foundation Master Class, plus 9 other START FAST WORKBOOKS to help you build a solid foundation for your business!

  • How to Build your BUSINESS from the ground up!
  • What to NAME Your Brilliant Business!
  • How to Nail Your SALES!
  • Identify Your TARGET MARKET!
  • Write Compelling CONTENT!
  • Build Your Business BRAND!
  • Guide to Understanding Your NUMBERS!
  • How to Develop IRRESISTIBLE Programs, Products & Services!
  • STAND OUT in Your Crowded Marketplace!


It’s time to dig deep and really get your business rooted in excellence! Our Business Foundation Master Class includes 5 modules of training videos, with 12+ individual lessons, covering all the necessary business and brand basics. The included comprehensive workbook supports you as you discover and review your business model in depth.

Set your business up for success by establishing a solid foundation to work from, grow with, and scale accordingly. 

L1 – Core Brand Values
L2 – Mission and Vision
L3 – What’s in a NAME?!?

L1 – Financial Goals
L2 – Irresistible Products
L3 – Value Proposition Statement

L1 – Industry Position
L2 – Unique Distinctions
L3 – Market Research

L1 – Target Avatar
L2 – Problems and Solutions
L3 – Your Offer

’nuff said
– Brand Basics
– Brand Purpose
– Brand Value




  • You need a solid business foundation, but you can’t afford to invest any more time and money in multiple programs and services that aren’t working with each other...
  • You need a business training program that provides brand & marketing strategies you can realistically implement yourself...
  • You have brilliant business ideas but you just can’t seem to get started...
  • You have a marketable product/service and you need a clear Action Plan to build a solid foundation for your business...
  • You are serious about building your business, there is no Plan B and failure is not an option for you...
  • You know your content better than anyone, but you need practical help with your offerings, sales techniques, and lead generation...
  • You know you need a better digital marketing strategy with a clear message and Call-to-Action...
  • You are creating brilliant classes, programs, and services, but without a cohesive, comprehensive business brand...
  • You are an established business, ready to scale up, and need a business refresh strategy and action plan...
  • You know you are READY for MORE! You want to connect with the RIGHT TEAM to SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS DREAMS and GOALS!


Just in case you want a SNACK instead of a MEAL, our Ala Carte Start Fast Classes and Workbooks are available separately so that you can get exactly what you need to fuel your business SUCCESS! Dig right into a key topic for your business today! All of our educational materials offer results-oriented exercises to get your business going and growing in record time!


START A BUSINESS NOW GUIDE! It’s time to dig deep and really get your business rooted in excellence! Our Business Foundation Mastery Course includes 5 training modules, covering all the necessary business and brand basics to help you discover and review your business model in depth. Set your business up for success by establishing a solid foundation to work from, grow with, and scale accordingly.


YOUR SALES GUIDE! Every business needs to MAKE MONEY! Our Jump Start Your Cash Flow workbook walks you step-by-step through the process of calculating the ‘how many’ and ‘how much’ of getting money into your business fast! If you are put off by sales and/or you don’t know your numbers, this guide is for YOU!


COPYWRITING & CONTENT CREATION GUIDE! Every business has a story. Our Activate Your Brand comprehensive workbook will challenge you to start building out your content and messaging. Helpful guidance and training around emails, social posts, blogs, website – what to write once, what to write regularly, and general best practices for using your time wisely regarding content production.


IMPLEMENTABLE DESIGN TIPS & TRICKS! Client FAVORITE! This Build Your Brand workbook is the “insider info” on the importance of branding your business with quality visuals! You will be challenged to take an honest look at your own branding and decide if it’s really designed to compete effectively in your marketplace!


TAKE AN HONEST LOOK AT YOUR CURRENT BRANDING! BARRCODE Branding’s Profit Booster Brand Assessment will help you understand how to effectively position your brand so that you can Compete with your Industry Leaders, Attract your Ideal Client, and MAKE MORE MONEY!! Limited Time $1 Special Offer! Use Coupon Code: PROFITBOOST


A BIT ABOUT HUMAN BEHAVIOR! Explore Your Unique Brand Archetype! This Brand Archetypes mini-workbook will introduce you to the 12 main archetypes and challenge you to discover more about the best archetype for your business brand!


WHO ARE THEY AND WHERE CAN YOU FIND THEM! We all know how important it is to identify your ideal client. This Target Audience Persona Avatars mini-workbook makes the process fun and offers insights and clarity so that you can attract qualified customers with ease!


A GUIDE TO PERSONAL CLARITY! One of the most important business motivators is to be very clear about your “WHY”. Your Ideal Day mini-workbook walks you through an exercise to reveal your Ideal Day!


SELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT! Your business success depends on a clear understanding of your ideal customer’s needs. This Independent Market Research mini-workbook is the “start fast” way to learn what your market wants from you so that you can provide effective solutions that really matter!


HOW TO NAME YOUR BUSINESS! Client FAVORITE! This Namestorming mini-workbook walks you through our proprietary process for creating a well-branded name for your new business, and stir you to explore new ideas for your existing business!



7 Tough Questions – 7 Honest Answers – TRANSFORM Your Brand Today!

As our GIFT to you, we’d like to offer you our “7 Minute Brand Review” ($147 value) completely COMPLIMENTARY. BARRCODE Branding’s 7 Minute Brand Review is a telling snapshot of your current branding in all of its forms. First, we will assess Where you are currently in your journey. Next, we’ll help you explore your current BRAND IDENTITY. Then, we will help you go from INVISIBLE in the marketplace to VISIBLE, POPULAR & PROFITABLE!!

$147 worth of AWESOME, yours completely COMPLIMENTARY!