We have a saying here at BARRCODE Branding – “If you want to stand
shoulder-to-shoulder with your industry leaders, you must look like you belong there!”


With all of our IMAGE BUILDER Branding Programs, you receive high-level 1:1 strategy sessions and expert guidance regarding your branding. You have access to the finest graphic design talent in the industry. BONUS: You are able to build targeted business connections and share your own expertise as you increase your professional influence in our Inner Circle. These “total package” solutions provide you with all the leverage you need to dramatically increase your growth and profits! PRICES STARTING AT $9997!

Our IMAGE BUILDER Pro Branding Program is perfect for a new start-up business idea, You receive 12 mos of immersive, interactive engagement with your Business Branding Strategy. We design just the right amount of Graphic Design Assets and provide just the right amount of training and education to ensure you “come out of the gate” running!

Our IMAGE BUILDER Premiere Branding Program is the most comprehensive way to create branding that stands out from the competition. You move with us through our 5D’s Methodology to produce branding that meets your specific needs and goals. We are a team of experts in the fields of Graphic Design, Marketing Psychology, and Brand Strategy, and you have access to it all!

Our IMAGE BUILDER Elite Branding Program offers you all the privileges of the Premier Branding Program and more! We are always ready to offer “White Glove” priority service and design work to those who are looking for a custom touch and direct 1:1 collaboration with our team of experts. This is limited to a select few private clients who are highly motivated and established businesses looking to maximize their visibility, exposure, and impact!


  • You have brilliant business ideas, literal goldmines, but know that you still need help attracting your ideal client with ease(unrealized ideas and dreams don’t actually pay the bills)
  • You know you need branding that stands out from the crowd and gets you noticed for your unique expertise… (it's time to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your industry leaders)
  • You are looking for quality branded design assets including logo development, website, social media, print, digital & more! (and you know your DIY logo isn’t the way to get it done)
  • You’re a business “chameleon” with more in-house changes than you can control – all piled up with no structure, no form, no cohesive branding or clear message for your audience… (too many different websites, logos, marketing messages)
  • You can’t afford to invest any more time and money in multiple programs and services that aren’t working with each other, leaving your branding disconnected and confusing… (think Coaching Program “A” - DIY logo designer “B” - and social media manager “C”)
  • You are a successful business and it’s time for a powerful upgrade and refresh to re-engage your existing clients and attract a whole new audience… (competition is fierce and consumers take no prisoners)
  • You know you are READY for MORE! You want to connect with the RIGHT TEAM to SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS DREAMS and GOALS! (you want a business that makes you leap out of bed every morning ready to change the world for the better!)


Yes, there’s MORE! All of our IMAGE BUILDER Branding programs offer you FULL ACCESS to our IMAGE BUILDER Educational Series!! With BCB around, you can build, grow, and scale exponentially! Did we mention our Monthly Intensives, Bonus Material and Private Facebook Group? You’re going to LOVE IT!