GOT INVITED TO THE PARTY! (then got asked to wait outside…)

So, I got invited to this party… And I’m not talkin’ some casual, impromptu “wanna come over” kinda party… I’m talking about a fancy shin-dig, with mailed invitations, 6 months in advance, a dress code, you name it… Then, like a good guest, I show up right on time, even though it’s raining “cats and […]


WENDY BARR & GAYLE CARSON ON THE WOMEN IN BUSINESS PODCAST Wendy talks to Gayle about what she does and why she does it. She speaks to the best thing about her business and advice she would give to other women in business. She also talks about the one misconception business owners have regarding branding […]


As a small business, your personal brand is so important. You’re the one out there delivering your business message. That means people directly associate you with the product you’re selling. If they don’t connect to your brand, they won’t engage with your business. Thankfully, you can benefit from knowing the whole BARRCODE Branding Team of […]


Something happens when you spend that much time together on a ship, on shore, on excursions at parties on your days at sea. Relationships, unlike relationships built at a typical conference, are developed and unique opportunities are created. Who’s Coming? CLICK HERE for more information! 


ABOUT WOMEN’S BUSINESS LINK: Women’s Business Link was originally established in 2003 to serve the Denver area with local networking events. Over the years, we have grown into a globally recognized women’s networking organization, all under the watchful eye of Wendy Barr and Sara Davenport, the original founders. Building on the connection of BARRCODE Branding, […]