Decoding the Website D’s

Sara Davenport

Sara Davenport

Brand Strategist, Author, Speaker

This is how it goes…

YOU: Hello, company X, can you design my website?
Company X: Yes, we do that!
YOU: How much and how long?
Company X: $$$ and TIME
YOU: Okay, that sounds great! Let’s get started!

Two months later…

YOU: I thought you said you designed websites?
Company X: Not that kind of design, sorry… we can’t meet your needs and you can’t have your money back, and we own the work we’ve done, so you can’t have that either…


Often, this isn’t a company deliberately leading you on, this happens because of a miscommunication as to what DESIGN actually means to them vs. what it means to you…

Let’s use another industry to give you a better understanding of the distinctions. When you decide to build your dream home, you need a variety of experts to make it all happen, right? You will need someone who draws blueprints, known as an architect (or architectural designer)– someone who actually builds it, known as contractors (electricians, plumbers, finish carpentry, etc…)– and someone who helps you make it all look pretty inside once the walls are up, known as an interior designer.

Now, come back and join me in the world of website construction. When you decide to build your dream website, you need a variety of experts to make it happen. You will need someone to create the structure, known as a web architect or UX/UI designer – someone to actually build it, known as a web developers (SEO, content creation, etc…), and someone who helps you make it all look pretty once the pages are up, known as branding design.

As you can see, in both industries, two very different skills sets call themselves DESIGNERS – people who design the back end and people who design the front end – and this is where small business owners get confused when hiring web design companies. Is this starting to sink in?

Next time you interview for website construction, remember to clearly define what the words DEVELOPMENT and DESIGN mean to you so you can be sure they mean the same thing to the company you are interviewing! Remember, you need THREE EXPERTS – one who can “design” the functionality and UX/UI interface (templates exist), one who can write custom code and/or “build” your site (templates exist), and one who can help you BRAND your site for maximum recognition and visibility!

BARRCODE Branding specializes in Branding Design and will help you make sure that your fonts, imagery, colors, and visual layout are the most appealing and memorable as they can be! So, YES, we do website design! How can we help you stand out from the crowd?!?

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