GOT INVITED TO THE PARTY! (then got asked to wait outside…)

Sara Davenport

Sara Davenport

Brand Strategist, Author, Speaker

So, I got invited to this party… And I’m not talkin’ some casual, impromptu “wanna come over” kinda party… I’m talking about a fancy shin-dig, with mailed invitations, 6 months in advance, a dress code, you name it…

Then, like a good guest, I show up right on time, even though it’s raining “cats and dogs” and I get to the door to see this sign… “Please wait outside until we finish getting ready” – What the…?!? I gathered my fancy duds and headed home…

What does this have to do with Branding, you say?!? EVERYTHING

I chose to leave the party before receiving any of the “good times and great food” promised on the other side of that door, and I didn’t even pay a penny to attend…

Can you imagine my disappointment if I had paid good, hard-earned money?!?

So often in business, a company spends a decent amount of their budget on Branded “Invitations” asking people to pay for their products and services, and, this is GREAT!

Unfortunately, a lot of those same companies don’t spend enough time or money on their internal branding… You know, the “hold the sale” stuff like branded communication emails, and branded social headers, and slide decks, and workbooks, and training manuals, and… I think you understand the point.

Branding is distinct from marketing for just this reason. Marketing is how you show yourself to a prospect in hopes of them making a purchase. Branding is bigger than that! Branding is the comprehensive expression of your business both externally and internally and serves to build awareness, recognition, and confidence with customers and employees alike.

Here at BARRCODE Branding, we live by the “underpromise and overdeliver” motto so that our clients can see the beauty of branding unfold before their very eyes! When you get to the door of our party, our sign reads, “COME ON IN! This shin-dig’s for you”!

We hope to see you INSIDE the CIRCLE!

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